Our Customer’s Favorite In-Store Products

These customer favorites are available at our store in Largo, FL. Many of these items can be shipped. If they fit into a USPS box, we can ship it!

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Gulf Stream Candles

Our Coastal Candles are hand-poured locally in Indian Rocks Beach with US-grown soybeans and natural wicks. No dyes are added. We have beautiful scents inspired by the ocean that burn long and evenly. Check out our candles, room sprays, and reed diffusers.

Charts and Maps

They're printed in 100% linen and are mounted on wood. These can be customized with your location, name, business name, anything!

Sh*t Spices

Our customers LOVE these fun and delicious spices! We offer 6 spices, salsa, dips, and BBQ sauce.

Taco Jesus Hot Sauce

We have 8 fun and delicious flavors to choose from. They range from Mild to HOT! Each hot sauce is great tasting and sure to put a smile on your face!

Hand Stamped Flatware

Tongue-in-cheek messages are stamped onto vintage forks, spreaders, spoons, serving utensils, rings, keyrings, leather cuffs, and mermaid tail necklaces. Custom work available and great as hostess gifts!

Embroidered Hand Towels

We always have a great selection of fun sayings embroidered onto cotton hand towels. Custom works are available.

Malicious Women Candles

Our candles are scented with sass! They’re woman-owned, ethically made, and hand-poured candles that are scented with custom fragrances and a touch of Maliciousness!

Buck Naked Soaps

Our soaps are from an all-natural, vegan handcrafted, luxury beauty brand. They're made in small batches with the highest quality of natural ingredients.

Gift Certificates

We have gift certificates! Get a couple of them and enjoy great discounts for some of our interior furniture, decors, and more!